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HIPAA Compliance

Learn how to become  HIPAA Compliance

The Inspiring Story of Simon Arias Entrepreneur

There can’t be many more inspiring stories that Simon Arias’s. For those of you who have been hiding away or just returned from space exploration, let me explain. Simon is State General Agent, head of Arias Agencies, multi-millionaire, philanthropist, mentor

Simon Arias Leader, Business Professional, Public Speaker

Insurance has had a lot of big names in the industry but there aren’t any that are much bigger than Simon Arias. He is an entrepreneur who learned from just a few years in the industry, and came out on top. Simon’s biography is quite extensive and it has shown how much someone can accomplish. Many people view him as the perfect example of the American dream.

Simon Arias Entrepreneur, Leader, Speaker

When it comes to the title entrepreneur, one of the biggest names you might have heard is Simon Arias. After only having his business open for less than 10 years Simon has grown quite extensively. Simon has also grown on his own to be an inspiration to people around the world. Such a rapid growth has brought with it many questions about Simon. Today we are going to answer some of them.

The Inspiring Story Of Simon Arias, Entrepreneur

Simon Arias is a successful entrepreneur who specializes in Insurance. He began his career in American Income Life Insurance Company and rose to an executive level within just one year after joining.

Simon Arias: The Legacies Of An Insurance Icon

Simon Arias is one of the most successful insurance agents in American Income Life Insurance Company. He didn’t become the State General Agent for four different states by luck.

Simon Arias Entrepreneur — Learning From His Success and Achievements

Do you have the desire to become a successful entrepreneur? Have you always wanted to leave the cubicle and become your own boss? If yes, I recommend you just do it!

how to promote your videos on youtube

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The U.S Market Expanding For Green Building Technology

How to patent an idea, an invention, a technology, and a product depends on the involvement of a certain institution. That institution naturally would need to be the government to lead the way and provide incentives to the different sectors. This would create a pool of opportunity and money flowing into patent system that stimulates inventors tailor their inventions towards a greener, sustainable and less wasteful model.

The World's Greatest Invention Ideas

So you need to familiarize yourself with the frameworks of copyright, license, patent, etc.  To get started in the right direction InventHelp provides the service of helping inventors patent their invention ideas and submit big ideas to companies.

Invention Ideas We'd Like to See in the Next 50 Years

Innovation can be trendy. Innovation can solve problems. Innovation can help people. Over the next half-century, we need to see invention ideas which bring high tech into the average home, further develop existing inventions, and improve quality of life. Here are a few ideas.

Why Patent Your Idea?

Why is patenting your idea so important? Why should you move quickly to protect your idea in the early stages even before you fully understand it’s potential? There are good answers to these questions and more when you understand why patent protection is so important.

How to Patent an Idea

Unfortunately, too many people who come up with great ideas do not fully understand how to patent an idea which leaves them vulnerable. Here is a step-by-step method of getting your idea from the concept stage to having it protected by a patent.

3 Kickstarter Inventions From 2017 Our Readers Are Loving

Sometimes the greatest ideas are relatively unknown. That’s why we’ve followed the buzz to three new inventions from the world of crowdfunding. These ideas are so awesome that thousands of people have sent money to help develop them. With all of them shipping soon, you might even want to fund one yourself, as a way of securing one of these awesome innovative products for your very own. At least one is already available!


La Cherie Blair Foundation for Women y Road to Growth* llegan a México
para otorgar 500 programas de educación y mentoría para emprendedoras valoradas en más de $30,000 pesos.

La primera versión de este exitoso proyecto se llevó a cabo en Nigeria, donde el 99% de las participantes aseguró tener una visión y una dirección más clara gracias al programa. El contenido ha sido adaptado para emprendedoras mexicanas, utilizando un método de blended learning, el cual da más flexibilidad a todas las participantes.   INADEM

El proyecto Road to Growth* es una iniciativa única que desarrollará las habilidades de negocio de 500 mujeres emprendedoras en México.

El proyecto entrenará a 500 dueñas de PyMEs para tener acceso a servicios financieros y a mercados durante seis semanas, con la meta de empoderar a las emprendedoras para crecer negocios rentables y sustentables para promover su independencia económica a largo plazo.

Runtime Broker CPU Usage Fix

Runtime Broker CPU Usage Fix Microsoft brought up the Runtime Broker procedure (RuntimeBroker.exe) in Windows 8 and continued its usage in Windows 10 also. Runtime Broker is a consistent Windows procedure, but one with a sort of bad name for growing CPU load and memory control    runtime broker fix

Simon Arias: Leader, Mentor, Motivation Speaker, and Entrepreneur - Facebook

The official Facebook page of Simon Arias, leader, mentor, entrepreneur & motivational speaker.  He takes pride in being a mentor to people both in and outside of the business. His financial success has allowed him to help people to transform their lives and make a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Highlights Of The Successful Career Of Simon Arias

Simon Arias is currently the State General Agent for Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland and West Virginia. In addition to that, he also has a State General Agent Partnership in Tennessee with fellow SGA.

The Successful Career Of Simon Arias

Simon Arias has also been giving back to his community through his numerous philanthropic activities. He established Inspiring Minds, a youth program in Youngstown and he also partnered with Maurice Clarrett to open a company whose aim is to help youth and their families who are at-risk. The company is titled “The Red Zone”.

The Inspiring Story of Simon Arias, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

An interview with Simon Arias, leader, mentor, entrepreneur & motivational speaker.  An inspirational and must read story.

Simon Arias: The Legacies Of An Insurance Icon

Simon Arias is one of the most successful insurance agents in American Income Life Insurance Company. He didn’t become the State General Agent for four different states by luck.

Simon Arias, Arias Agencies And Their Insurance Products

Simon Arias is a successful businessman who specializes in Insurance. He began his career in American Income Life Insurance Company and rose to an executive level within just one year after joining.


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Sasquatch Bigfoot Riding Unicorn Vintage American Flag Shirt

Do you believe in the Sasquatch Bigfoot and unicorns? Here is the much awaited Sasquatch Bigfoot T shirt riding a unicorn with vintage American flag in the background. Great for 4th of July or to wear on any other day. Dont they make a great couple?  Bigfoot Riding Unicorn T Shirt

Los préstamos rápidos también conocidos como microcréditos son menores que los hipotecarios o los personales

Antes que nada es bueno saber de qué hablamos cuando decimos “préstamos online” y en qué se diferencian de los créditos tradicionales (otorgados por ejemplo en los bancos). Ambos son herramientas o instrumentos financieros que difieren en algunas cuestiones como ser el monto. donde prestan dinero rapido

Las compañías que ofrecen Microcréditos personales como nosotros

Los Microcréditos personales son una excelente propuesta que te ayudan a tener mayor liquidez ya sea para una urgencia o para un capricho. Los gastos adicionales o extraordinarios están a la orden del día pero nuestras finanzas no siempre pueden costearlos creditos personales

Micropréstamos online sin papeles para todos aquellos que precisan dinero de forma urgente

por este motivo tenemos el orgullo de presentarte una alternativa rápida, segura y eficaz: los Micropréstamos online sin papeles para todos aquellos que precisan dinero de forma urgente. creditos rapidos sin tarjeta

Los Microcréditos urgentes son una realidad para todos

Por el contrario los Microcréditos urgentes online tienen mejores condiciones en relación a la facilidad, la rapidez, la funcionalidad y la accesibilidad. Son productos limpios, justos y transparentes. 
prestamos personales por internet

Necesito dinero urgente ¿cómo lo consigo?

Aquí sabemos que hay un sector muy importante de la población que no puede acceder a los créditos bancarios. Miles de familias no reciben la ayuda precisa aunque lleguen desesperadas a una entidad financiera diciendo “necesito dinero urgente”  necesito dinero hago lo que sea

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Si usted está pensando en la consolidación de deuda, uno de los grandes beneficios es una enorme reducción en las llamadas de cobro que recibe. Muchas personas sufren de ansiedad extrema y el estrés de las llamadas constantes de las agencias de cobro de deudas. Este estrés puede tener un impacto negativo en toda su vida. Una vez que consolide su deuda, todas estas llamadas se detienen.

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